40+ Romantic and Cute Messages to Send Your Boyfriend


You know that the most romantic gesture is to send sweet text messages to your boyfriend. It makes him feel warm, loved, and remembered. Some ladies send flowers or chocolates to surprise their men. Others may buy him favorite things to eat.

Now, we can make your love stronger by using our romantic and cute messages.

romantic and cute messages for my boyfriend

Cute Messages to Send Your Boyfriend

1. I love you more than you will ever know. Every time I look at you, every time I think of you, I just stop and realize that you will never be aware of the love that’s burning for you inside of me. My life got way better from the day that I met you. You brought so much love, kindness and happiness into it that now I don’t even want to imagine my life without you.

2. I could never imagine what it would be like if we were to lose each other. I don’t even want to think about it. All I want to think about is you. You are the love of my life. I love you. I will always love you until the day that I die. Hopefully, when that day comes, I will still have you by my side and your face will be the last face that I see.

3. Alone I’m good, but with you, I am better and always at my best. Alone I can walk faster, but with you, I can go farther. Alone there is a limit to what I can accomplish, but with you, there is no bound to what I can accomplish in life. Alone, life is dry and boring, but with you, life is full of expectations and adventures, beautiful things. You’re my friend, my partner in crime, my inspiration, my love, my man and my everything. I love you more than love itself.

4. I don’t need coffee in the morning. I just need to think about you, and pretty soon I start to feel giddy about what the new day will bring. Your love is the ultimate stimulant. Do you even know how special you are? I wouldn’t trade you for all the heartthrobs in Hollywood.

5. Please don’t forget that I will forever be there for you. Whenever you need me, just remember that there is one woman out there who can’t wait to hear your voice. Just call me, and I will be there to give you all the affection I can. I hope that you dream of us tonight and the undying love we have for each other.

6. You make me feel beautiful. Thank you for giving me so much more than I ever could have wanted. I am so thankful for what we have, and for everything we will have. You are the only man I ever want to share my life with. For me I strongly believe There is nothing in this world more sacred to me than the love we share.

7. It was meant to be you and no one else. You happened to be my dream come true. Ever since we met and you came into my life, I have always wanted to be with you; it’s you that I have always needed. I craved to see your beautiful smiling face; I long for your touch and the way you kiss and caress all of me. I am blessed to have someone as special as you are and I vow to always cherish and love and respect you. I love you beyond the stars, baby.

8. When you walk into the room, my stomach does backflips. When you look into my eyes, it sends tingles through my body. When you kiss me, it’s like an out of body experience. It would take a paranormal investigator to figure out what you do to me. Our love is stronger than words: only by looking at you I know that you love me too.

9. I hope you know how wonderful and great you are. Our relationship is perfect and that is because you’re my prince.

10. When I first saw you, I was scared to talk to you. When I spoke to you, I was scared to hold you. When I held you, I was scared to love you. Now that I love you, I am scared to lose you.

Love Text Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend

11. I don’t need expensive presents or fancy stuff; I just need you by my side. That’s enough for me. Every time you hold my hand, I think I am capable of doing anything.

12. When you came into my life, I realized why it never worked out with any of the others.  Just texting to say I love you and hope you have a wonderful day!

13. I love thinking about all the ways I’ll get to love you in the future. Just wanted to say I’m thinking of you. I love how handsome you are. I find you irresistible. The place I am happiest is in your arms.

14. You’re the most beautiful person I have ever seen. I’m so crazy about you. I wish we were together right now, cuddling. Thinking about you really does brighten my day.

15. I love the way you make me happy, and the ways you show you care. I love the way you say, ‘I Love You,’ and the way you’re always there.

16. I’m so lucky I got to be with you. Waking up to a text from you seriously makes my day. I love the way you smell when you’re hugging me. Come home soon. I miss you.

17. I don’t think anyone makes me laugh as much as you do. You make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I’m so glad we met!

18. I’ve seen like a million people today and all I can think of is how I can’t wait to get home to see you. You may have the face of a young boy, but for me, you are the man of my dreams!

19. The best feeling in the world is seeing you smiling and knowing that the reason for your happiness is our love. Thanks for being you.

20. Another month, another year, another smile, another tear, another winter, another summer too, never want to spend any of them without you.

Messages To Send to Your Boyfriend

21. No one can make me laugh as hard as you can. I wish all my friends would meet a guy as good as you. You always make me feel better. I love being able to brag about my awesome bf.

22. Can’t stop thinking about you today. Thank you for always being there for me, I really don’t know what I would do without you.

23. I know I’ll see you tonight at home but I just can’t help missing you the entire day! Smile if you want to sleep with me.

24. I want to kiss you three times: one because you are my love, one because I love you and one because I am very happy with you.

25. It’s all your fault. You’re the one with that adorable sheepish grin and the crazy antics, with that big heart and unflinching loyalty. I couldn’t help but fall in love with you.

26. I love the way you look when you smile. You make me feel like I am at my best. You make me so happy. You’re the kind of guy I always hoped for.

27. Remember how we kissed the first time? I kind of want to do that now. Waiting for the next time that your lips will touch mine.

28. I don’t need expensive presents or fancy stuff; I just need you by my side. That’s enough for me.

29. I say ‘I love you’ not because I don’t have anything else to say or to fill a silence or to have you say it back to me. I say it just so you know that you’re the single most wonderful person that has ever come into my life.

30. No matter what happens, I’ll always think you’re amazing. I always smile when I think of you. I love you exactly the way you are. You’re the last thing I think about before I go to sleep.

Sweet Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend

31. Hey, Boo. I had such a good time the other day, I wish every day was like that. You’re so hot. I’m ordering food later, you in? I can’t fall asleep, you’re all I can think about.

32. Every moment I spend with you, the world seems so perfect. Because You are the reason for all my smiles and less worries!

33. I dreamt of a world with you, and a world without you. Now that we are together, I don’t dream about the world anymore. I just dream about you.

34. When we’re together, we’re more awesome than the entire awesomeness in the world, combined! I love you more with every passing day. Well, ummm, except yesterday ‘cos you were being impossible. But otherwise, yeah. I do!

35. My life is happier because you’re in it. Thank you for always making me smile. I’ve never been happier than I am with you. You’re an angel.

36. Why do I smile like an idiot when you’re texting me? We go together like Nutella and a spoon. The truth is you take my breath away!

37. I wish you were here so we could cuddle and fall asleep together. I honestly can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

38. Good morning my prince, wake up, today is a beautiful day and we have a radiant sun and even more: we have our love that illuminates our lives.

39. You’re my most favorite, want to-make-coffee-for-in-the-morning, want to-watch-crappy-movies-with, want to-have-a-pillow-fight-with, want to-make-a-home-with, person in the whole wide world!

Long Sweet Text Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend

40. You have my heart. I’m so lucky you chose me. I somehow love you more today than yesterday. I don’t know how you do it, but you make me so happy.

41. When can I see you again? You’re the most interesting person I’ve ever met. Are you even real? You’re so dreamy. Nobody understands me like you do. I just want to be curled up in your arms right now.

42. I hope that when you read this, it makes you think of me. It’s not my fault I love you so much. It’s yours. And I Hope you know you are on my mind right now!

43. Although sometimes I don’t understand you and you don’t understand me, you are the most perfect person I know.


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