70 Happy 11th Birthday Wishes and Quotes For Celebrants


Life of a human will radically change when they become parents of a little prince/princess. You watched their tiny toes grow to beautiful dancing feet. Their wispy curls transformed into beautiful flowing locks. Nothing is better and beautiful than hearing her sweet and innocent voice. Coaching him/her through life’s struggles. Also watching them grow into the amazing person you know he/she will be.

Kids deserve unforgettable moments with their friends and family during their birthdays and as a member lucky enough to experience the joy of watching them grow older; it is your duty to make it unforgettable.

Here are happy birthday quotes for your turning eleven child.

Happy 11th Birthday Son

1. I couldn’t have asked for a better son. You’re so cute, kind, and lovable. On this 11th birthday, I pray for your growth and divine sustenance

2. You, my son, is my consolation. I have watched you grow into 11, and I pray to keep watching over you for as long as possible. Have a fun-filled 11th birthday.

3. Dear son, I may not have been so close to watching you grow but I know of all your little steps, and it gladdens my heart. I pray that this 11th year gives your life a greater turn around. More of God’s blessings, son.

4. With you my son. My life entered into another phase the day you were born. I want you to know that I’m really proud of how much good you’re doing already. Have a wonderful 11th birthday celebration.

5. Thank you so much for being the best son, Happy 11th Birthday to you , dear. I am sending all the love and good wishes on your birthday, Happy 11th Birthday to you, dear son.

6. Happy 11th Birthday to you, dear son. May all of your dreams come true and you become a special person, Happy 11th Birthday to you

7. I can’t believe it has been 11 years since you came to this world, you are the most wonderful kid there, Happy 11th Birthday to you, dear.

8. I feel great as your dad/mom, and I know you have a wonderful future ahead. Happy 11th Birthday to you, dear son.

9. Dear son, thank you so much for bringing lots of positivity and blessings in the family, you are the best, Happy 11th Birthday to you.

10. There was lots of positivity that came to our life with your birthday, everything was alright, and there was lots of happiness, Happy 11th Birthday to you, dear son.

Happy 11th Birthday Girl

11. We are the happiest parents in this world because we have got an amazing son like you. Happy 11th Birthday to you, dear son.

12. My cute princess is now 11; how wonderful that makes me feel. I pray that you experience God’s unwavering love, may you always find help when you need it, and may God’s light never dim in your life, darling.

13. It’s your  11th birthday today, my baby, and it makes me feel even more protective of you. I love you so much, and I pray that you will never lack anything in life. May the heavens hear you whenever you call. Keep blooming, sweety

14. I will always be there for you, girl; not just on this 11th year but, until you’re grown and able to stand on your own and even after then; anytime you need me. I hope you know how much I love you. I pray that God will continue to enlarge your coast.

15. I have never seen any 11 years old as brainy as you. May this birthday bring you joy and laughter. You shall always excel, my girl.

16. I couldn’t have asked for a better girl. You’re so cute, kind, and lovable. On this 11th birthday, I pray for your growth and divine sustenance.

17. You’re such a good child. I have never had any reason to worry about your attitude. You make my duties so easy for me. Happy 11th birthday, girl.

18. Have I ever told you that you’re witty? You always cracked me up with your command of wisdom. May this sense of good judgment never be far from you. Happy 11th birthday.

19. I bless the heavens for your life on this day, you came as a precious gift to us. On this 11th birthday, I pray that you will always find favor among men, and may evil never come near you.

20. I have always wanted to have a girl like you just so I can take you around and buy you gifts. I’m proud to be you. I bless the day God gave you to our family. Keep being a blessing, darling.

Happy 11th Birthday My Daughter

21. I hope all the 11 candles on your cake will bring you eleven different gifts that will make you have a perfect day.  Thank God it’s your 11th year, but I want you to grow faster than this.

22. Here’s to my granddaughter, happy 11th birthday! I am your biggest supporter, your best friend, your rock. So please be happy and healthy as we celebrate your happy 11th birthday today. We need all the support we can get. It’s the happiest day of my life!

23. I would like you to know that your dad is a real gentleman, and your mom is a real angel. I wish you lots of fun and happiness in your life. Happy 11th birthday to you, my sweet granddaughter!

24. To my dearest granddaughter, I wish you can be as awesome in everything you do in life. I am lucky to have you as my grandchild. We love you so much. Happy special 11th birthday to you!

25. It’s all right now, so let’s celebrate! May your happiness be bright and life changing. Happy coolest 11th birthday!

26. Life is never dull and so is the happiness I feel at this very moment. It will only get better after we start our celebration with you, dear granddaughter. Happy 11th birthday!

27. God blessed me to have a special granddaughter and that has made my life richer and better. Today is a great day for all of us. Have a wonderful 11th birthday!

28. Remember to enjoy yourself — try new things, be courageous, make new friends and do not worry! On your 11th birthday and every day of the next 12 months, we wish you all the best life has to offer. Happy birthday! Hope your 11th birthday is as awesome as you are

29. When I think about you, I feel fulfilled. Seeing you’re 11 now thrills me the more. I pray that you will never lack the love of family. Keep growing in strength.

30. When I first looked into your small dazzling eyes, my heart melted. I love you so much, kid. I pray this 11th birthday establishes you in more knowledge of the very essentials you need to become the type of man you want to become.

Happy 11th Birthday

31. I can feel the tears of joy trickling down my cheeks right now. You have no idea how much I have waited for this day. As you turn 11 today, I pray that you will keep excelling beyond measure.

32. I am proud of the fact that you are really an amazing niece and friend. You are an angel that brings happiness to all people. You have my unconditional love and I know you will do more amazing things in the world. May you have a more amazing and marvelous and wonderful life.

33. May you have more birthday wishes as you love and cherish life. I wish you all the luck in this world. May it be a fun, sweet and spectacular 11th birthday to celebrate.

34. Thank you for always being with us so I can greet you with love. May God continue to grant what He calls for today. I love you, nephew and have a wonderful birthday.

35. This birthday, I hope you get all the wonderful gifts you can think of. You are truly a wonderful niece. May you enjoy all the best and most dazzling birthday wishes you can get.

36. May you have more adventures and adventures to live life to the fullest. Happy 11th birthday my dear niece.

37. The universe is not waiting for us to be happy but to give you our sincere wishes, and we are so grateful to have a loving, caring, generous, and wonderful niece. Happy 11th birthday.

38. You’re so close to my heart that I could feel your heartbeat even from afar. May this 11th birthday usher you into greatness. You’re loved, always.

39. My sweetest companion, my gentle dove, my cute soul. I’m happy seeing you turn 11. I pray that you will never lack anything in life. May you always be surrounded by those who love you.

40. I have thought of so many ways to make you feel the love in my heart for you today, but, I’m convinced you can feel it already ’cause it’s overflowing right through me. Keep brightening your world.

Happy 11th Birthday Boy

41. I may not have been so close to watching you grow but I know of all your little steps, and it gladdens my heart. I pray that this 11th year  Birthday gives your life a greater turn around. More of God’s blessings, boy.

42. I am so so so blessed with a boy that is awesome, intelligent and a good person! I feel so grateful that you are my boy. Thank you for all you do for me and I wish you a wonderful 11th birthday!

43. May this day be filled with a lot of joy! May you have great success in whatever you choose to do! I want the world to know how amazing you are!

44. Today is a special day since my boy was born on this day 11 year ago! I am so proud to be a parent of a boy that is amazing and a good person. Happy 11th birthday boy!

45. Have all the joys and great happiness my boy! Have a great 11th birthday !

46. May your life be filled with love, joy, happiness and peace! I want you to remember that I love you so much .Happy 11th birthday

47. Love you, have a super happy 11th birthday today!!! I appreciate your kindness. I love you so much, I pray you’re healthy. I just want you to know how much we love you!

48. I know you are the most loved kid in the world, just wish you a happy birthday. I hope you get more opportunities and that you find them. May you enjoy this day with the fun and the sunshine!

49. I am thankful that you are my nephew and wish you all the best in life. You will grow up to be a great person, as you are a great kid. Happy 11th birthday dear nephew.

50. My dear nephew, I hope you have a great day today and I am sending you sincere wishes for great health, joy and happiness. Have a beautiful birthday! Enjoy it and enjoy the day you have. My loving nephew

Happy 11th Birthday Granddaughter

51. You are the most incredible, blessed and sweet nephew on the planet. May you have an exciting and fun life. Happy birthday to my favorite nephew.

52. May the best day ever come for my wonderful nephew! You are truly blessed for having a loving mother, a loving father, and great friends. Have a fantastic birthday.

53. Happy birthday, young and beautiful nephew! There will be so much more going on this year and I promise you to enjoy it. I will always have you close in my heart.

54. You are an amazing, amazing kid! You are really good with math, and you are also a good student in school in general. No wonder that you are so successful. Happy 11th birthday dear nephew.

55. Happy birthday to my baby boy, I’ve seen a bright smile on your face time and time again. I wish you a happy birthday because everything you do is amazing. I hope there are still many good surprises in your future!

56. How can I celebrate today? I’m so happy and excited to celebrate your birthday. I love you grandson and I know you’ll have lots more challenges ahead of you in life. I hope that you will make the most of these opportunities. May you never be bored and enjoy your 11th birthday.

57. Happy birthday to the best baby ever, my little one. I hope you will not let these challenges pass you by and try even harder to make life better for you. I wish you all the happiest memories of your life.

58. Happy birthday to the most important grandson in my life. I hope you learn how to enjoy life and enjoy your family. I hope you have some fun and good days. Happy awesome 11th birthday!

59. How can I be a great granny if I can’t make you smile? I pray that you will have more laughs in life. I know you can do it because you are amazing. I love you! Happy birthday to your grandson

60. Happy birthday to you! Happy 11th birthday to a perfect prince! You are our sunshine! Best birthday wishes for your 11th birthday and have an amazing celebration!

Happy 11th Birthday Grandson

61. We are all blessed with a wonderful grandchild and that is you. May the best days of your life start from today for the rest of your journey called life.

62. I would like you to know that your granny is a real gentleman and one of the good guys in the world. I wish you lots of fun and happiness in your life. I pray your mom will have more time for you and take care of you. Happy birthday to you!

63. Happy birthday to my best 11-year-old grandson! I love you so much! Cheers to another day of blissful happiness!

64. I wish you all the prosperity that you can imagine, for you and your family. You are so loved by everyone around. May you be happy and blessed with a happy life.

65. I think all the happy birthday parties are an absolute must for my birthday grandson. That is a must to celebrate your special day with the best. Happy 11th birthday to you.

66. I wish you all the best, and a more wonderful life ahead! Best wishes for your 11th birthday from the heart!

67. Today is one of those days that will always be remembered for how you brought happiness and joy to all of us! May you have a bright and colorful day. May you have all the fun you want and have a great 11th birthday and a great year too!

68. Today will be an extraordinary day. Enjoy every moment on this day and we are sending you the best wishes for your 11th birthday!

69. Happy birthday to you, dear boy! I want you to know that I love you unconditionally. You are the biggest blessing I have ever received. Happy birthday!

70. May your life be filled with love, joy, happiness and peace! I want you to remember that I love you! Make sure to Have an amazing 11th birthday celebration!


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