Happy 28th Birthday Message For Celebrant Son & Daughter


We age every day, but we are given a special day to celebrate our growing old and acknowledging that we are a year older. Birthdays are important in anyone’s life; they are the days where we make it all about us. Birthdays should be spent with the people you love the best.

Greeting someone a happy 28th birthday has never been so easy. You can simply send a text, an email, a Facebook message, or even a video message. The only challenge now is in writing a birthday message in a special, unique, and straight from the heart.

If you’re struggling to find the right words, here are several examples of Happy 28th Birthday messages that will be perfect. 

Happy 28th Birthday Daughter

1. Happy 28th birthday to this adorable daughter wishing you long life, good health with prosperity. May God bless you with all that you need. Stay blessed and rejoice in your new age wishes.

2. Happy 28th birthday to my cutest and most adorable daughter. How I wish I could carry you on my back like old days. Enjoy every bit of your day and read your birthday cards.

3. As you have approached age 28, you are ready to take up responsibilities. Don’t be scared of the world but just keep your dreams alive and it will be a reality. Happy 28th birthday daughter!

4. Finally, you have come to a stage where you can always cope with every challenge. Congrats! 28 pills for you to stop the headache caused by the sweetness of your 28th B-day. Enjoy! Happy 28th birthday daughter.

5. I wish you did not lack the joy to face this day or the love, health, and happiness to live your whole life. I have great admiration for you, and I hope that all your dreams come true. If possible, even today. Happy 28th Birthday Daughter!

6. I wish that your birthday will be filled with smiles and laughter, with joy and happiness, and with excitement and inspiration. I hope that you will find more reasons to smile and be happy beginning today. Happiest 28th birthday daughter!

7. A luckiest person has a luckiest life. And, so shall you. May you sail through all the obstacles and challenges that come in your way to success. I wish you a very happy 28th birthday daughter!

8. Today I hope you have come to a stage where you can always cope with everything this world throws at you. Happy 28th Birthday Daughter, enjoy this lovely year with many blessings and good life dear.

9. 28 years of being different! Keep being the special person you’re. Best Wishes! 10 years of fun + 10 years of naughtiness + 8 years of Struggles! That’s a sweet mix. Have fun!

10. God bless your new year of life. Today you turn 28 years old, and I wish you a very special moment. You are a blessed person, and you deserve all the joy and happiness in the world. Congratulations! Happy 28th Birthday Daughter.

Happy 28th Birthday

11. I hope that your birthday is beautiful, wonderful, and full of love just like you! Celebrate! You deserve the best. Happy 28th Birthday, Sweetheart more grace from God. Enjoy your day with many smiles.

12. The 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet are sending kisses to the new 28-year-old. Wishing you a twenty eighth birthday filled with unlimited fun and loads of joy.

13. For the world, it’s just another day. But for me, today is the best day of the year, happy 28th b’day my love.. Happy 28th birthday!

14. Happy 28th birthday to me. Today marks the apogee of my life, because I feel absolutely happy, grateful and fulfilled. I promise to live my 28th year on earth to the fullest.

15. I’m eager to unravel what the future holds, cause I know my 28th birthday is the best thing that ever happened to me. Happy birthday to me.

16. Today I completed 28 years of a life very well lived, and knowing that I, and the party will be great. Enjoy every moment of this celebration; after all, you deserve it. Happy 28th Birthday To Me!

17. You are my everything. No matter how old you get, you will always be my little princess. I love you so much, sweetheart. May all your dreams come true today. Happy 28th birthday to me.

18. I’m so confused as to what I present to you for your 28th birthday; you deserve the very best of life. I pray for good health and success in your life. Happy 28th birthday to me.

19. 28 years ago, a star was born that shone out loud! Make that light stronger, and it can dazzle everyone you meet in your life! Happy Birthday for your 28 years to me!

20. Happy birthday to me. It’s my 28th birthday. I celebrate this day with all of my strength. I’m enlivened by this remarkable day of my life. Happy 28th birthday to me. May I perpetually make the sound of joy throughout this new age of mine. 28 sure looks better on me than the next person.

Happy 28th Birthday To Me

21. I wanted to give you the best birthday present, but this birthday greeting was all I could afford. I’m sorry if it’s not much, but I want you to know that it comes straight from the heart. I wish you the best 28th birthday! I hope all your dreams will come true. Happy 28th birthday to myself.

22. Happy birthday to me. I’m 28 years old, yet I feel young at heart. May kindness never depart from me and may joy never leave my abode. I love to spread and hate to curb as I mark this day.

23. Happy birthday to me. Even the host of heaven celebrates with me, cause it’s my 28th birthday. I wish myself nothing, but joy and a lifetime of happiness.

24. Happy 28th Birthday to you. You haven’t logged into ToA yet, but you’re getting closer. Today we celebrate his arrival at the age of 28, and everything in me is joy and pride. Have a simply awesome birthday!

25. Don’t worry if your thoughts are different because that’s how you will succeed. Never be afraid to dream big because you will always have the fire to achieve them. You are unique, so make your own path toward your goals. I’m very proud of you. Happy 28th birthday!

26. You are too young for me to write that will make sense, but hopefully when you’re older, you’ll be able to laugh at the fact that your dad got me to sign this in Afghanistan! Happy 28th birthday!

27. Thank you for being so caring and supportive to me. I have never met any kind-hearted person like you. It’s my prayers that God bless your future with prosperity. Happy 28th Birthday.

28. Happy Birthday! May your next 28 years be as white as the 28 rules of Dominoes. Now, there is a lot of years ahead of you, so don’t feel that you are getting really old. Happy 28th Birthday!

29. You know you are getting old when you have problems blowing all the candles on the cake at once. Did you manage it? Happy 28th Birthday!

30. You are a unique human being, owner of a unique smile, and an effect of tranquility. It is a privilege to share my life with a person as generous as you. Happy 28th Birthday to you!

Happy 28th Birthday Son

31. As you grow another year older, I hope that you will be making more intelligent and healthy decisions. Life is too short to be spent feeling regretful, miserable, or sick! I wish all the best for you this year, and may your blessings carry over to the next year and the many years after that. Happy 28th birthday son!

32. May you have all the joy your heart can hold; All the smiles a day can bring; All the blessings a life can unfold; May you get the world’s best in everything. Wishing you a very happy 28th Birthday Son!

33. I hope your day is full of peace and harmony. May they be in the company of the people you love and receive countless hugs and words of affection. God will always be with you on this new ride. Happy 28th Birthday Son!

34. Happy Birthday, Son! Congrats on completing the 28th chapter of your life. Did you enjoy it? Your birthday clicked in my mind 28 times since your birth. It’s a great feeling. Love you, son.

35. May all your wishes come true and may all your dreams be at your feet. Happy 28th Birthday Son. Enjoy all the beautiful life ahead and never change for I always look up to you.

36. It’s all about you today, birthday boy. Your wish is my command. Just tell me what you want to do today, and we’ll do it. I love you! Happy 28th birthday son!

37. A mother always forgives and forgets a child’s mistakes when all others are forsaking, it never fails or falters, even though the heart is breaking. Happy 28th birthday son!

38. Success, happiness, and love for you, I wish you a happy birthday and a lot of peace in your new moment of life! Blessings from heaven on your 28 years. Happy 28th Birthday Son!

39. 28 years old, but you are still someone’s baby boy, so never stop joking around. Happy 28th Birthday, Son! Popping balloons is what we used to see from you on these special days, but I bet you can’t do this now. Happy Birthday, Son!

40. Over the years, I have watched you become a beautiful, wise, kind, and compassionate woman. Don’t ever stop believing in yourself and in the power of your dreams. Enjoy your birthday and have the happiest 28th birthday! I love you son!

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