Real Freaky Letter To My Boyfriend in Jail


fREAKY Letter To My Boyfriend in Jail

Mistakes do happen sometimes, Nobody in this life is perfect. If you happen to have a boyfriend who is in jail and you still love him, you can encourage him to stay alive for you by sending some romantic and encouraging letters to him. You can attach these letters in any gifts that you are sending to him. 

Whenever he receives a letter from you, he will be very happy that someone still believes him even though he was once a very bad person. It will make him smile whenever he remembers you and this will make him stay safe for you.

We have gathered below some lovely and romantic love letters that you can send to your boyfriend who is currently in jail. All you have to do is to scroll down and make your choice.

What to write in a letter to your boyfriend in jail

1. Expressing Your Love

Your boyfriend may know you love him, but reminding him in a love letter will make him happy. You can either write a poem or find one to use on the Internet. You can also just write down all the emotions you have for him and tell him your hopes and dreams that include him

2. Sexual Fantasies

Since you are not allowed physical contact, you have to turn to the next best thing. Close your eyes and picture the two of you being intimate, then write it down. Be as specific as possible. If writing your sexual fantasies make you uncomfortable, just give him hints such as, “Just wait until you get home…”.

3. Maintaining the Connection

Write about the events in your life. It doesn’t have to be exciting or traumatic events, just whatever happens throughout the day. You may think it’s boring, but he will love to envision you going throughout your day. It will also maintain the connection you have when he knows what is happening with you and the community.

4. Write a Story About Your Relationship

Be creative and write a story about your relationship. Write about how you met and all the special memories you’ve shared, or write a made up story that tells of romance and happily ever after. Your boyfriend will love reading it and imagining the two of you in the story. The emotions he will have with this type of letter will encourage him to remain on good behavior so he can be released as soon as possible. That way, he can start living out the make-believe story and make it a reality.

Cute letter ideas for boyfriend in jail

I remember when we used to be together, those times we spent together in peace and harmony. I can’t forget the best moments we shared together in love and harmony. I miss you so much and wish I can meet you once again any moment from now. You are the best and the most lovely person in this world for me. I can’t stop thinking about you every day and night because I am so much addicted to you. You are my love and the most beloved person I have ever seen in this world. I love you to the core and cherish you more than you can ever think. You mean everything to me and I will never deny this fact. Until you finish your jail term, I will live to meet you once again. I wish you all the best now and forever. If I can turn the hands of time, I will have been the first to meet you first so I can cheer you up and motivate you to be strong.

Romantic Love letter for your boyfriend in jail

I know you didn’t do it, and today those who laid allegations on you are happy thinking that they will last forever. I handled everything to God to judge and I have really missed you and then hope that we see each other once again until you serve your jail terms. I will always love you especially in this difficult time of our life. Your condition will not make me run away from you because this is the time to know the real lovers. This is the time to face the challenge of life together, to make things better between us. Don’t forget, we promise to love each other to the end no matter what happened between us.

We are meant to be and this will always be so in my heart because you are the best guy I have ever met in my life. I wish you all the best in this world until you join me once again. If we are destined to be, no matter how far it is, we shall always be together. We shall come to love each other forever. I love you and will always do for the rest of my life. You are my happiness, my joy and the most interesting person in this world. I love you to the end. You are the best and the love of my life, my joy and the passion that my eyes have seen ever. Thank you for always being there when I need you most, thank you for the love you show to me when we were together.

Dirty Love letters for your boyfriend in jail

I know very well that it is not easy to cope in such a situation as you are right now, but I want you to be strong. I want you to remember the kind of love that exists between us so that there will always be hope for us to meet again. They may take away my joy for now, but it doesn’t mean that it will not be restored. I will always love you until eternity no matter the situation or condition. I will not stop loving you even when the whole world turns against you,

I will always be for you because I know you can’t do what the evil ones laid upon you. I will forever love you. You belong to me and I belong to you, together we shall always be forever. You are the only man that can make me happy and it is the reason why I decided to wait for you. I will not betray you no matter what anyone says. You are my joy and the happiness in my life. I will always love you until the end of time. I wish you all the best now and forever. Until we meet and depart no more. I love you.

Encouraging Letter to Boyfriend in Jail

Life has been this wonderful because I had you around me but now, I am sad because you are far away from me, you are my love and the joy in this world that will always be on my mind forever. I can’t stop thinking about you because I came to realize that a life without you is nothing but emptiness. You will always be the last man standing until you serve your terms and join me again. I can wait for you because the kind of love I have for you is true. I wish you all the best and pray that the Lord protects you where you are.

I will forever love you no matter the condition. Just see this circumstance as a challenge you can face with your entire mind and then conquer. You can do it, so be strong and never give up on our dreams. We shall overcome this situation by God’s grace. We shall live together as husband and wife we have always wanted to be. Don’t worry, because I will by His grace be the mother of your kids forever. I love you with all my heart.

I Miss You Love Letter to Boyfriend in Jail

I have been so sad since the day you left, so I think of being with you but it is so unfortunate that committing crime is a bad name to bear; this is the reason why it pains me that anyone can paint you this dark to the extent of leading you to jail. However, if love is worth committing a small crime to be jailed along with you in the same cell, I would have rather done so to always be with the love of my life. I am sure you understand my motives, and will be able to blend with me forever. I love you so much that I can’t stop thinking about you even for once. I wish you all the best in this world and pray that the Lord shall bless you forever. You will be free and we shall enjoy your freedom together as husband and a wife. I love you my heartbeat.

God knows I can’t stop thinking about you because you are my happiness. My life and the most interesting gift I have ever received in my life. Though, it is hard to cope without you in this life, but still I want you to be patient and serve your terms. The term is no longer much, so be rest assured that I won’t betray you for my age. I will sacrifice myself for the love we have for each other so that we will become one. I love you and it is the ultimate sincerity from the bottom of my heart. I wish you could just be here right away. Though, sometimes, life situations make us feel rejected but in your case, I want you to always be strong and never be overwhelmed by the condition you find yourself in. Remember, nothing lasts forever. It is a matter of time and everyone will be fine again. You will see me once again, we shall get married and raise our children together. I will always love you so never think of losing any hope in me because you are my heartbeat. I love you with all my heart and wish you the most precious time in this world. Until we meet again. Yours in love___________

It baffles me to realize that it will now be difficult for both of us to see. How I wish I told you many things before you left. How I wish I said some things that I regret now that I didn’t say. You are a great man and I pray that the Lord should free you from the bondage of the government any moment from now. I am really sad to realize that the very man I wish I could marry is now in jail. Nonetheless, I will not betray you for I will wait for you until we reunite and disunite no more. I will always be that pearl of yours you normally call me. I won’t in any way forget you because you are one of the key factors that changed my life for good. I will always love you until the end of time. You are simply the most precious man in my life and always will I continue to love you until eternity. I wish you all the best.

Love Letter for Your Boyfriend in Jail

If I can’t enjoy the love I have for you physically, I will do it in emotion because our heart has been connected in a way no distance or condition can disconnect. You are my blessing and the love I wish I can spend the rest of my life with. You mean the world to me and this life is nothing to me without you. I cherish you with everything I have and wish I can always be with you for the rest of my life. You may not be here, but your spirit has always been there for me when I need you most. Thank God the term is near, your freedom is close. I will be the happiest girl in the world. You are the man my heart has chosen and I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I love you so much my happiness. You mean everything to me. You are my love, treasure, happiness, joy, comfort and the grace the Lord sent to me. I wish you were here, perhaps this occasion will have been the most interesting one for me. I love you beyond your imagination. I cherish you so much that I am surprised that a person can be so loved this way.

Thank you for always being there for me when I need you most. You took your time to put a smile on my face, and always make sure that nothing hurts me. I am lonely today because you are nowhere around me. Every night and day, I cry for not having you around me. I wish you could see me before now, you will be sad. I will never lie to you because you are above someone I should do so too. I love you more than what the people say because you are like my pestle through which I’m able to pound my yam. You are a precious love in my life and I will never stop loving you until the end of time. Don’t worry because I am not going to forsake you especially now that you need me most. I will stay by your side forever. I love you with all my heart and also pray that everything you need will be easy for you forever.

No matter how far a journey may be, one day it will have an ending. It will become so amazing that we finally reach our destination. You may not be around today, but tomorrow can still bring you back to me. You are my happiness and the most beloved angel that the Lord sent into my life. Your enemies may rejoice today because they were able to send you into jail, but the game is not over until one person loses. You shall overcome your challenges in life and there will be no course for you to suffer in life. I wish you all the best in this world and the hereafter. I love and cherish everything about you because you are a good man even when people see you as a criminal, I know the real you and no one can dispute it.

You came into my life to change everything, but those who think they have the whole world under their feet took you away from me. I will never give up until we meet again. You are my joy, happiness and the most interesting person in this world. I love you beyond the imagination of these people. How I wish they know, they wouldn’t have caused this great tragedy to me. I pray that I should be able to recover from this shock and also find the power to forgive them. They only delay our mission but they can never delay our destiny. Things happen at due time and it will always be so forever. I love you beyond your imagination and pray that your case will raise again a fair consideration that will lead you to your freedom. I love you my sweetheart, until we meet again and everything will be fine. We shall grow together with our children and there will be no cause to panic again because by then the evil men that caused your imprisonment will have been fished out

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