50+ Emotional I’m Sorry Paragraph For Her Copy & Paste


Have you offended your girlfriend or wife and you are looking for the right words to use to apologize to her? We have written I’m sorry paragraphs for her and the good thing about it is that you can copy and paste. 

Don’t wait for a minute to offer your words of apology to her because this has led to so many broken relationships in our society today. 

If you are lucky to find a woman who loves and truly welcomes you in her life, never take her love for you for granted. Always be willing to show a sign of remorse using the right words each time you offend her, and believe she will always find a place in her heart to forgive you.

Saying I’m sorry to your girlfriend or wife doesn’t make you less of a man, rather it shows that you really value the relationship or bond that both of you share. 

When you offend your partner either verbally or by your actions it is best you find a way to apologize to them. You can send them an emotional I’m sorry paragraph for her that will melt her heart and let her forgive you.

I’m Sorry Paragraph For Her

1. Loving you is my joy. It makes me happy with you, anytime, any moment. I love you beautifully; I need you seriously and hope that you understand this truthful opinion from a deep part of my heart. I love you to the core, dearest.

2. Things are beginning to fall out of place and my life is turned upside down with your absence. My focus has shifted with me finding it difficult to give rapt attention to my work. I can’t continue this way, honey. I need you. I need you to make me feel whole again. Come back to me, please.

3. I can’t believe I am the reason behind those tears on your beautiful face. I’m deeply sorry for everything, please forgive me. It hurts knowing I don’t have that trust anymore. Please, my knight, find a place in that big heart of yours to accommodate me one last time so I can earn your trust once more. Please.

4. I’m sorry for looking down on you instead of looking out for you. I vow to never do it again, I know that I can be difficult to deal with at times, but I want you to know that I’m glad you’re mine and I’m sorry for pushing you away when all you want for me is nothing but happiness and joy. I’m sorry Paragraph For Bae.

5. It’s been days since we last spoke but it feels like a thousand years. The days wear off slowly and slowly. Never in my entirety have I begged anyone to stay. But with you, I don’t care walking down hundreds of miles just to show you the sincerity of this heart pleading for your forgiveness.

6. I don’t care how many times I’ll have to say I am sorry. I deserve whatever treatment I am getting from you now. I should be jailed for bringing tears to the eyes of an angel. You’ve been nothing more than a blessing in a human form. I’m sorry Paragraph For Her.

7. Before you say anything, I want to tell you that I’m really sorry, because I know without an iota of doubt that you are angry with me. I’m truly sorry for everything that happened between us recently, and I hope you can find a place in your heart and forgive me.

8. When you have an angel as your wife, it makes you happy for deeper reasons. I have come to realize that I made a lot of mistakes towards you. I am sorry if you can find somewhere in your heart to forgive me. I love you so much and will always listen to you when you need me most. I’m sorry.

9. I will always do whatever I can to soften your heart and forgive me for the pains I caused you. I’m sincerely sorry, my one and only. You mean more than words can say and I’m really sorry for hurting you because I never meant to. I’m sorry, my love.

10. This time, I will ensure that I love you more than ever. Please, consider those days of my childhood. I am really sorry. I am glad that you are around again. My hope is to find joy in your heart for me. I love you and hope that you still love

Sorry Paragraph For Her

11. Baby, I am sorry for the trash I spewed and for shutting you out without a single explanation for my childishness. I’m pained knowing I am the sole reason why you’re going through this emotional breakdown. I’m truly sorry.

12. It hurts me to see tears rolling down from your pretty face and most especially when I was the cause. Please take me out of this pain so I don’t live the rest of my life in Excruciation. I promise to make up for all the emotional traumas I made you go through. Forgive me.

13. Your aura has caused the birth of a new me far from the crazy lifestyle I once lived. Now, I am a changed man all thanks to the influence of a sweet soul. My sugar plum, I am sorry for letting you down. Give me an opportunity to make amends. That’s all I am requesting, please. Apology Paragraph For Her

14. I’m sorry for treating you badly when all you ever wanted for me is to be happy and excited each and every day. You’re mine just as much as I’m yours forever, and I’m very sorry for causing you any harm lately. Please forgive me, sweetie pie.

15. No doubt I can be a handful sometimes. I know I can be so indecisive, insensitive and impatient. I can’t even lay my hand on something I ever got right. My life is clumsy and on a perpendicular line. All you ever did was love me in spite of my lackadaisical attitude. Now, I’ve messed up and lost the only person who matters most to me. I’ve never been this perplexed on what to do. I’m so sorry my dear!

16. It’s been days now, yet I can’t feel myself. I’m alive, but I’m not living. I walk amid crowds, yet I see no one. My heart is heavy knowing I’ve hurt the one person I love the most. You are everything I ever wanted and so much more. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.

17. It is not possible for someone to forget about his love for a minute. I am so happy that I found a cute angel. I hope you understand the kind of love I have for you. Please, pardon me. Forgive me for you are my life, I love you to the end.

18. I really apologize for making such a fool of myself. But I am a fool who has fallen head over heels in love with you. I sincerely regret what I did. I will wait indefinitely if that is how long you require for your forgiveness.

19. I know that I hurt you but I think that we are still meant to be. I am so sorry. I know that I ruined your trust in me. Please forgive me, I never wanted you to doubt me and my intentions.

20. I am so very sorry that I took you for granted. You are everything to me and more. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me? My darling, you have every single right to be mad at me. I just want you to know that I am terribly sorry and that I love you so much.

Sorry Paragraph For GF

21. I am so sorry for betraying your trust. Your trust is a treasure that I did not treat well. I will work hard to earn that trust back from you. The last thing that I want to do is drive you away. You are the one person I love. I am sorry. You know that I am nothing without you.

22. I am so sorry that my words and actions made you cry. I was not thinking and should have known better than to do that. What can I do to make things better? I would do anything to make you smile again.

23. Is it possible for you to ever find the strength to forgive me for this enormous error that I have made? I’m too attached to you to give up on us now. You are the key to my future.

24. I really apologize for lying to you. I understand that it makes you wonder if you can put your trust in me. However, I will do everything in my power to demonstrate that you did not make the wrong decision by choosing to be with me.

25. I’m sorry if I caused you pain, but I believe that we are still destined to be together. Please accept my apologies. I’m well aware that I’ve damaged your confidence in me. Please accept my apologies; I never intended for you to have any doubts about me or my intentions.

26. I’m deeply sorry for making you question my love for you. Please forgive, forget and let us forge ahead as if nothing happens. Please and please, my heart. I know now that I’m wrong and you were right. I’m really sorry for what I did last night, please forgive me.

27. When it comes to you my love, I tend to lose my sanity. Life without you is pointless and meaningless. I’m so sorry for failing you once again. One chance, just one chance is all I am asking for today to make things right. Please. I’m sorry for hurting you.

28. No words can explain the excruciating pain I feel right now. Hurting you was never my intention. My heart is shredded, knowing I made you sad. If only I could undo all the mistakes I made. I truly am sorry. Give me one last opportunity to make it up to you, my love.

29. I am thinking of a way to put a smile on your face. I am thinking of the possibility of making you happy once again. You are my life, my love, passion, so making you sad is only evil to my heart too. I love you so much and wish you all the happiness that roams in life.

30. I feel terrible after knowing that I’m the cause of the pain you’re going through now. I’m deeply sorry dear, please forgive me. I’m sorry for snapping at you for no reason. I promise not to repeat it again, please find a place in your heart to forgive me.

Apology Paragraph For Her

31. Hurting you was never on the list. All I wanted was to continuously bring smiles to that handsome face for the rest of my life. Cause when you’re happy, I am happy. When you’re sad, I feel sad as well. I didn’t know my callous attitude towards things would spur me to hurt the only man I ever loved.

32. I know you’ve waited to get an apology from me but ended up getting slapped by disappointment when it wasn’t forthcoming. This is hard, I must confess. Nonetheless, if saying sorry would bring you into my arms once again, I’d keep saying it till you eventually prove to me that you’ve forgiven me.

33. I’m really sorry that I have not been calling and texting you as usual of late. I promise to make amends asap. Sweetheart, I want you to know that I never meant to make you feel jealous whenever I’m with my female friends. Will you please forgive me?

34. I need you so much more every day and I’m sorry for letting my ego get the best of me the other night. Please forgive me, I promise to always put the best interest of our relationship before making any rash decisions next time. I’m sorry.

35. I didn’t know my words would only push you further away. Please forgive me. Just give me one more chance to correct my mistakes. And I promise my love, and you won’t ever regret doing that. I love you so much. Please save me from this misery.

36. I know I messed up. I shouldn’t have said what I said. I should have kept mum and not opened my lousy mouth. I can’t tell what came over me that day, but now I’ve realized my mistake. I want to say I am deeply sorry, my love. I was only being childish. I didn’t want you to slip away from my hand.

37. My world crumbled the day I saw those tears streaming down your cheeks. I realized I had hurt the most precious thing I ever had. My heart broke into a thousand pieces after realizing my mistake. I have truly disappointed you and our infallible relationship. This is telling me badly because I am nothing without you. Please give me a chance, and I will never bring tears to your eyes again.

38. If there’s anything I treasure most is your love for me. I can never take it for granted. It is the only thing that makes me sane. I know my attitude towards you was uncalled for, but please pardon me for it. Being away and not being able to hear your voice is killing me faster than I thought. You’ve occupied all of my thoughts. Things are beginning to fall out of place because the only person that gives me life isn’t here with me. Please find it in your heart to forgive me so I can make things right once again. I love you.

39. I admit I was wrong. I gave more importance to someone who shouldn’t matter at all. And now, I acknowledge that I was totally wrong. The scale has fallen off so I can see correctly now. I’ve noticed that I made a huge mistake. You and you alone are the most important being in my life. No one comes close. I’m pleading for a second chance to make it up to you. Let’s not trash everything we’ve built and sweated for over the years just for this. Please, I beg you. Life isn’t the same without you. My days are lifeless. I miss you very much. All I need is for you to give me one more opportunity and not push me away.

40. I acknowledge the fact that I’ve caused you pain, and I truly want to say I am sorry. The silence is deafening. Please forgive me and grant me another chance to lighten up your world with happiness. I Love you so much and I can’t stand to let this angelic soul slip off my hands.

I’m Sorry Quotes For Her

41. Just yesterday, things were different. But here we’re today, separated by a rift. If I could wish for just one thing at this moment, it would be the ability to turn back the hands of time. However, I’ve got to man up to apologize for my erratic thinking and behavior. I’m sorry.

42. I never wanted to stop loving you, whatever you heard about me wasn’t the truth. It was a plot to make you mad at me. I will always love you all my life. I want you to forgive me in this world. You are my happiness and the best in this world for me. Don’t get mad at me because it is for sure I can’t stay in a minute without thinking about you. I’m sorry.

43. It is sad seeing how I gave more attention to my work and not to you. I was always there for every other person, thereby neglecting you. And now I’ve ruined us and destroyed everything we’ve ever worked for over the years. I know no amount of sorry can fix this right now. But just find a place in that big heart of yours to forgive me. I can’t go on with life without you.

44. All I need in this world is my joy, my happiness, and the most adorable woman in my life. I love you so much and hope that you understand this. I will always cherish you for the rest of my life. I need you to come back home, play your role as a wife, and then find everlasting peace with me, now and forever. I’m sorry Paragraph For Her.

45. I’m sorry for putting you in the dark for so long. Please do find a place in your heart to forgive and forget. I’m truly sorry I couldn’t make it last night. What do I have to do to make it up to you to stand you up? Just say the word and you have it.

46. The moment you walked away, my world crumbled. I know it was never your intention to leave, but I pushed you to. I just want to have you in my life again, and I will do whatever there is to do just to have you back. I miss you. I’m sorry Paragraph For Her.

47. I am always ready to say, I’m sorry. I know it will be hard to believe me, but the truth is that in the beginning, I have already fallen in love with you. I need to make you happy every day and night. I will make you happy afterward; just give me the chance to make you happy once again. I love you so much.

48. I feel like a homeless soul each time you are mad at me, I wander carelessly and feel lost without you in my world, beside you is the only comfortable place on earth. Please forgive me and let me come back home to you my love. I’m deeply sorry.

49. I’ll take every single piece of the blame if you want me to, but you know that there is no innocent one in this game for two. Can I just tell you how sorry I am and can you just forgive? (GF NAME) I’m sorry my love.

50. I Value what we share and our love is really important to me, our moments are something I don’t ever want to lose, and all in all, I hope this message can show how much you mean to me and I’m so scared of losing you right now. Please find a place in your heart to forgive my wrongdoings. I’m sorry my love.

I’m Sorry Paragraphs For Bae

51. I’ve had a lot of good times and because you’re there, I’ve seen a lot of pain but I was able to overcome them with you by my side, Had a little sunshine and that was you, But there’s nothing in this world compared to the joy I have, Whenever I’m with you. Please come back to me and forgive me. I’m sorry!

52. I know I’m very self-centered, rude, disrespectful, and dumb but no matter how many times we argue or fight, you’ll still always have me, I promise. I am trying my hardest to be the person you deserve but with you not on the same track as me, it makes things difficult. And I know you are more hurt than angry. Trust me, it was never my intention. I am sorry.

53. I promised you that I would hold and nurture your heart in the way that any lover should. I, on the other hand, did the inverse.

54. I wish one day to again have this heart I have damaged so badly. Have it open up and forgive this foolish guy who took so long to see the pain and hurt he caused. But, it may not.

55. It’s your heart’s choice. One that will not happen overnight. It may not even happen in the time before some greater soul than mine finds it and cherishes it as it deserves.

56. I cling on to the hope that the heart that I’ve cherished and hurt, truly knows how sorry I am for the pain I caused.

57. All I can say is I’m sorry to you, my love, my girlfriend, and the best thing that’s ever happened to me. All I can ask is humbly for forgiveness.

58. Please forgive me. For I only know now how it must have hurt and I understand the pain. I never really did before. Now that I know what that pain feels like I will never ever subject it to anyone else.

Sorry Letter For Girlfriend

My Queen,

I wish you were here to witness the tears I shed as a result of the pain I’m sure I’ve caused you! It’s possible that I’m too late. It’s possible that you’ve already vanished. Alternatively, I may claim that I am the one who may have vanished from your heart. All I can say at this point is that I am truly sorry for anything I have said and done that was stupid. It goes without saying that you are the most amazing woman I have ever met, and the best girlfriend any guy could possibly want for. You are really stunning both on the inside and the outside.

Please accept my apologies, baby girl.

Hey babe,

It’s hurting me so much to know I have ruined it with you. I’ve ruined your heart. If only there was a reset button I could press because I love you so much. My heart is heavy with hurt, those tears are now my hurt. I feel ashamed because I now only realize the hurt I caused you! You may never forgive me.

Sweet Princess,

Words can’t describe how sad I am right now knowing that you have given up on me. The worst part is knowing it is my own fault because I didn’t listen to you and give you the space you needed. Thinking about all of this and how much I hurt the best girlfriend in the world just makes me cry. I do realize though it isn’t close to the hurt you must have felt from the pain I caused in your heart.


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