100+ Happy 30th Birthday Messages For Celebrants


Though 30 is not very old, your thirties are often known as the time you reach maturity. For your loved one, turning 30 is a big and important milestone in their life. 

No matter what stage of life they are in, sending Happy 30th Birthday Messages with Images can help make this a birthday that will bring joy for many years. You know that such an important event deserves a celebration worthy of your loved one, so make sure this is a birthday to remember!

How do you wish someone a happy 30th birthday apart from saying “happy birthday”? If you have no answer to this question, perhaps you need to look for happy birthday sayings. No need to look further as you will find what you are searching for in this writing.

Wishing someone close to you a happy 30th birthday may result in something unpleasant. It’s because everyone has different reactions when they are turning 30. A 30th birthday is often a huge, tragic milestone that might elicit some mixed feelings.

Below are well composed happy 30th birthday messages for celebrants:

Happy 30th Birthday Niece

1. Here’s to celebrating you on your birthday and for many more to come, Happy 30th birthday dearest niece.

2. Happy 30th birthday, Niece! May the beautiful sunshine fill your life, and you become a shining star.

3. To a special niece, wishing you best wishes today on your birthday and for years to come. Happy 30th birthday niece.

4. I may not be a perfect [aunt/uncle], but I will always try my best to give you the most unforgettable time. I love you, my niece, and I hope I can make your 30th birthday party unforgettable.

5. Niece, may all of your birthday wishes become a reality May all of your dreams come true today and the other 364 days this year, Niece. Happy thirtieth birthday.

6. My morning coffee told me that today is my niece’s 30th birthday. Hope you enjoy it perfectly.

7. We are so blessed to have such a smart and beautiful niece such as you. Wishing you the best on your 30th birthday!

8. Say goodbye to your 20s, and hello to the adventures and opportunities of your 30s. Happy 30th Birthday!

9. Congratulations on your 30th birthday! I hope your 30s are filled with joy and wonder and you continue living life to the very max. Wishing you extra happiness today, and every day. Here’s to you!

10. How can I let this day pass unnoticed and unsung? It is impossible to forget your 30th birthday, that’s because you are so special to me! 30 Hearty Cheers.

Happy 30th Birthday Funny

11. You’re more than my BFF. You’re my sister from another mister. Happy 30th birthday to the world’s greatest person alive.

12. This is no ordinary birthday, it’s one that requires extra confetti and an extra special birthday cake. You deserve it! Happy 30th birthday.

13. Hope you have an amazing 30th birthday. Three decades on the planet is a pretty awesome milestone.

14. Congrats! You’ve survived your 20s. I hope this decade is a breath of fresh air and a wonderful new chapter of your life. Happy 30th birthday dear!

15. I was there on your 10th and 20th birthday. I’m still here as you celebrate your 30th birthday, and I will continue to be there for you my dearest friend. Happy Birthday!

16. Happy 30th birthday. If your special day brings you even a bit of the love you give others, it’s going to be an epic day for you.

17. This is just the start of another amazing decade! I admire you for all that you have achieved and who you have become! Have a wonderful celebration! Happy birthday.

18. Congratulations, Son! The era of colorful maturity has taken birth, so I wish you all the best for your future success.

19. Happy 30th Birthday! I hope you find some time for yourself today to reflect on all that you’ve accomplished, and get excited about all the achievements to come. Have a wonderful day!

20. I’m so fortunate to have you as my child. You make me so proud. Happy 30th birthday! For you, my amazing child, the 30s will be glorious. Just like you.

Happy 30th Birthday Son

21. Along these years, you have conquered your fears and anxieties, and created your dreams. Happy 30th Birthday to an incredible son.

22. Happy 30th Birthday Son! We’ve watched you grow into an amazing man. May the year ahead continue to exceed your expectations!

23. Happy 30th birthday! I loved you with all my heart the moment I laid eyes on you. I love you 30 trillion times more now.

24. If you count the moments instead of counting days, you will realize that life is big enough to fulfill all your dreams. Happy 30th birthday son.

25. Happy 30th Birthday To My Wonderful Son. No matter how big you get or how far you go, I’ll always be here, right beside you. Happy 30th birthday son.

26. Life is as good as you make it out. You are responsible for your happiness and sadness. Have an amazing 30th birthday son!

27. Whoever says that 30 is the new 20 is not very proud of his achievements or looks way older than 30 years. Happy 30th birthday dear!

28. Is that a birthday or the end of this month? Anyways, have a day as good as the joke.

29. Turning 30 doesn’t mean you can’t still party. It just means you’ve gotten really good at it! Happy Birthday!

30. The 30th year of your life is rich with significant changes. My wish for you is that everyone makes you smile!

Happy 30th Birthday Girl

31. Thank your sacrificing your time, education, and cash just to see me grow in life, I really appreciate you for all you have done in my life. Happy 30th birthday girl.

32. Over the hill or just starting the thrills? With a girl like you I know that turning 30 means many fun adventures and exciting thrills in your future! May your birthday be the first day of one of your favorite years yet!

33. I am so impressed with all the hard work you put into your 20s, may your 30s keep presenting you with bigger and better opportunities. Happy 30th Birthday girl!

34. Happy 30th birthday! We are lucky to have each other now and many years to come. Having you is the best. Happy 30th birthday girl.

35. A very big milestone has been reached, many great memories have been made, and good times are on their way! Be sure to celebrate all of these things on your special day. Happy birthday girl.

36. I am wishing you a great happy birthday as you are one of the most righteous people ever met in life. I love you so much, dear.

37. Of all the blessings in my life, one of the greatest has been getting to grow up with you. I have been honored to go from being not only siblings, but friends as well. Happy 30th birthday girl!

38. Happy 30th Birthday to my best friend and true love. Our life together is only beginning, and my love for you will never die.

39. Congrats on turning the big 3-0! You did it! You don’t look a day over 21 and you certainly don’t act like it either! Here’s to hoping that you have the best birthday yet. Happy Birthday girl!

40. Happy 30th birthday girl! I’m so lucky to have someone as special as you are in my life. Hoping you have the happiest of “happy birthdays” this year!

Happy 30th Birthday To Me

41. Happy 30th birthday to me! Today I’ve decided not to give my friends any treats because they didn’t give me any gifts.

42. It’s my 30th year on earth. May the sky glitter the stars of prosperity and bliss over me. Happy birthday to my darling self.

43. It’s my 30th year on earth. May the sky glitter the stars of prosperity and bliss over me. Happy 30th birthday to my darling self.

44. Let the stars shine extraordinarily, let the sun be more glorious than ever and let the earth sing for joy. I am 30 today. Happy 30th birthday to me.

45. A wonderful life is available for everyone. We just need to know where to look. Under God’s guidance, I see how blessed I am. On this special day, I wish myself – happy 30th birthday to me!

46. I wouldn’t change a thing. So, I celebrate as I am 30 years old today. Happy birthday to me. And may my wishes be granted.

47. I love having such wonderful friends and family members with me. I feel honored knowing that they remember and they care. Happy birthday to me!

48. I’ll steal the shine of the sun and take the throne of the moon. Because it’s my 30th birthday. Happy 30th birthday to me.

49. Welcome to the 30+ Club! You have to turn 40 to get out! In the meantime, enjoy the membership benefits, while you still can. Happy 30th birthday!

50. Do you know that once you become 30, you never get dirty? Nah, that’s not real, but it would be cool nonetheless.

Happy 30th Birthday Quotes

51. Welcome to 30, when you’re old enough to know better, but still young enough not to care.

52. Some people believe that the most important events in life occur before 30. You and I both know that each life is unique and often, the best is yet to come. May your 30th birthday bring more possibilities for the future!

53. Lots of people make jokes about turning 30. But it’s not too bad…if you don’t mind that 40 is just a hop, skip, jump and pull muscle away! Happy 30th birthday!

54. Oh wow! You are now thirty years old! Congrats! You are going to get older and fatter.

55. Happy Birthday! I hope when you look back on your first 30 years, you can appreciate how much you’ve touched so many people’s lives!

56. Happy 30th birthday, to a friend who is always close to my heart. Your sense of humor and compassion make every day a thousand times brighter. Have a fantastic day celebrating!

57. You have just entered into a new phase of your life. Don’t be scared to explore what it has in stock for you. Happy 30th birthday.

58. Happy 30th birthday. You probably do not know how much you matter to me, but that will not stop me from telling you over and over again, especially today!

59. This day is all about you so have the time of your life and remember that this birthday is an extra special one! Happy 30th Birthday.

60. Don’t worry, you’re just as awesome at 30 as you were at 29. Happy 30th Birthday to you my dearest!

Happy 30th Birthday

61. Happy 30th Birthday to one of my favorite people around! I’m so grateful that I get to celebrate this moment with you. I hope you have a truly incredible day, filled with fun and laughter. You’re officially old!

62. In your 20s, you learned a lot, grew as a person, and had tons of fun. Now keep that shit up. Oh, and Happy Birthday!

63. Being in your 30s is perfect. You have the freedom of your 20s and the sense of someone who’s already made all their mistakes. What a time to be alive. Happy Birthday!

64. If you will live 10 decades on earth, I want to live 9 decades + 10, that’s because I can’t bear staying one day without you! Happy 30Th Birthday, my sweetest friend.

65. Happy 30th birthday. You’re there for me, no matter what. I hope your big day is as wonderfully special as you are.

66. Your big day of cheer is finally here so be sure to celebrate today as well as all year. Hope you have a fun and special birthday! Happy 30th Birthday.

67. I bet that you thought that your 30th birthday would never come! I’m wishing you health, happiness and good fortune as you embark upon this new phase of your life. Sending you infinite best wishes and hugs! Happy Birthday!

68. Two hearts closely-knit into one – that is what our friendship truly is, which is why I celebrate this special day with you. Enjoy Your Birthday, dearest friend.

69. Happy 30th birthday! I hope you know that the 30+ Club could really use a member as amazing as you. I’m glad you signed up for the next 10 years.

70. In honor of this very big celebration, I am sending wishes for a cheerful day! Happy 30th birthday dear.

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes Funny

71. Don’t worry about turning 30. You will always be the same irresponsible person I know.

72. May the candles on your birthday cake shine brightly, as you celebrate 30 years of a fantastic life!

73. When I turned 30, my life instantly improved. I guess moving out of my Mom and Dad’s house at 30 was a good idea. Happy 30th!

74. When high schoolers start looking like preschoolers to you… you might be a 30-year-old. Happy Birthday!

75. Turning 30 is a milestone that allows you to feel more confident in your abilities and continue to go after what you want. My wish for you, dear friend, is that your worth is acknowledged and the drive that you have never ceases!

76. I’m in the unpleasant duty of telling you that your 20s have lost the battle against time. From now on, the 30s are in command of your hopes and dreams. Happy 30th birthday!

77. Happy Birthday! And thanks so much for turning 30 before me! Signed, your 20-something friend.

78. You have always dreamed big and focused on the future. May your thirties exceed all of your expectations!

79. 30 is only a number that comes after 29 but, as a rule, never quite arrives on time. Happy 29th birthday…again!

80. The greatest people that ever lived kick-started the journey of their greatness at 30. This will also be your portion as you celebrate your 30th birthday today. Happy 30th birthday!

Happy 30th Birthday Daughter

81. Happy 30th birthday. People like you do not come along too often, so I never take you for granted (not even for a second).

82. 30 years of being on earth. Happy Birthday It’s finally here, your special day that we are so excited to celebrate. I hope it’s the best!

83. Happy 30th birthday daughter! I cannot wait to see what you’ll accomplish in your 30s. Knowing you, it will be epic.

84. For My Wonderful Daughter, Happy 30th Birthday. Enjoy all the beauty this day brings and surround yourself with all your favorite things.

85. Every birthday is special if you have unconditional love in the heart and utter peace in mind. Happy birthday and welcome to the club of 30!

86. Happy 30th Birthday my sweet and adorable daughter! Time to look back at your past regrets and laugh over them.

87. Happy Birthday. For my fun-loving and happy-go-lucky daughter, here’s wishing you a day of non-stop celebrating as you turn another year older sweeter!

88. May the lord grants you enough intelligence and courage to pursue invincible goals and do good deeds for the betterment of humanity. Happy 30th birthday my daughter!

89. Happy Birthday to the only 30-year-old teen girl in this world – my crazy daughter.

90. Happy Birthday. You are now at that very special age where you have gained valuable life experience, you still look fabulous, and you can eat all the sweets you want!

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes

91. Happy Birthday to an amazing person. Thanks for gracing us with your awesomeness for the past 30 years. I can’t wait to see what you do with your next 30 years!

92. Congratulations on being three decades old! This is a huge milestone, and it’s time to go out and celebrate in style. Show them what you’ve got! Sending you warm wishes and positive thoughts, always.

93. May each and every step you take from this day onwards bring you closer to greater achievements. Have a fun-filled 30th birthday.

94. I hope you know how much I care about you. You are truly special to me. Happy 30th birthday to one of my favorite human beings on this planet.

95. Happy 30th Birthday I hope your day is filled with excitement as well as a lot of fun. Congratulations to you on celebrating this wonderful and fantastic milestone. Enjoy!

96. Your 30th birthday is a great time to look back at your life. Just remember that you’re still young and can go anywhere from here. Wishing you all the best on your birthday and in the years to come.

97. Congratulations on your 30th venture around the sun! Happy birthday, to my adventurous friend who is totally out of this world.

98. This is your 3rd decade on planet earth, a great milestone worth celebrating. I wish you many more decades ahead. Happy birthday.

99. Happy 30th birthday to the nicest person I know (and I know lots of people). You’re not just my pal. You’re my brother from another mother.

100. Hoping you celebrate to the fullest because a very special birthday such as this can only happen once in a lifetime. Happy 30th birthday dear.

Happy 30th Birthday Brother

101. The good news: guys often get better looking as they age. The bad news: there are plenty of exceptions! Happy 30th Birthday brother!

102. You were my first friend, my constant companion, my confidant, my co-conspirator against mom and dad, and my role model. I am so thankful we get to celebrate your birthday together. Wishing you the happiest birthday as you turn 30 years old today!

103. May your choice in this world be of great happiness, I love you so much and I pray that it will have a great impact in your life. Happy 30th Birthday brother!

104. I thought of the best 30th birthday gift for you and only one thing came to my mind – to plant 30 heart-felt kisses on your warm cheeks. I hope you won’t faint at the 30th kiss? Happy 30th Birthday brother!

105. Happy 30th birthday bro! I know I’m blessed to have you as my sister and best friend (most of the time).

106. You are my sole brother, this is the reason why you will always be my favorite no matter what. I wish you a blessed 30th birthday.

107. Of all the things I am thankful for about you on your 30th birthday, dear brother, one thing stands out above all the others. Most of all I am thankful you will always be older than I am! Cheers to you on your birthday, old man!

108. Welcome to 30, when you’re too old for cougars and too poor for gold diggers. Enjoy your birthday as best you can.

109. Bro, let’s not blow off 30 candles today, let’s keep all of them burning, as a mark of our love that would burn for another 30 years and even beyond! Happy 30th birthday brother.

110. Happy 30th birthday! You and I are so lucky to have each other. It’s wonderful to have you as my brother.

Happy 30th Birthday Sister

111. May this birthday mark the beginning of your success in life. You shall be blessed in such a way that nothing will hinder you from complete success, happy birthday. I wish you a belated 30th birthday today.

112. Happy 30th Birthday, Sister! I want you to know that you will always have a friend in me even after turning 100. So don’t forget about me, sis!

113. I’m so lucky to have someone as special as you are in my life. I know I’m blessed to have you as my sister and best friend (most of the time). Happy 30th birthday sis.

114. I hope your day is full of love and wonderful people. You are such a sweet person you deserve the very best. Happy 30th Birthday sister!

115. Happy 30th Birthday sister. Wishing you an outstanding time as you celebrate your important milestone with all of your friends.

116. I can’t believe my sister is 30 today! All my life, you’ve been there, watching out for me. When I was in trouble, you were always my champion. Today is your day and I only wish you the best. Happy 30th Birthday, Sis!

117. I hope that your 30s are kind to you and that you achieve everything that you’re looking for! Happy 30th Birthday to a one-of-a-kind sister. Enjoy your day – you deserve it!

118. Happy 30th birthday! We are lucky to have each other now and many years to come. Having you as my sister is the best.

119. May your heart soar as you open yourself to the blessings this day will bring. You’re not 30 years old today, Sis! You’re 30 years young! Enjoy every minute!

120. I want to wish you a delightful 30th birthday. Have a fabulous time celebrating. I hope you spend your day smiling from ear to ear. Happy 30th Birthday sister!

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