Essay Writing About My Birthday: 7 Useful Tips from Experts


about my birthday

A birthday is a unique and memorable day in everyone’s life. It comes only once every year, and you get to celebrate it with great joy and happiness with your family and loved ones. Birthdays make the person mature. You all wait for your birthday every day as you age and gain a sense of maturity every year.

Birthdays are vital as they commemorate an individual’s birth anniversary. It helps people reflect on everything they have been blessed with and feel grateful for everything they have. A good birthday essay shows how special the day is. We will discuss tips for writing a good essay about your birthday.

Essay Writing About My Birthday: Tips from Experts

1. Introduction about the birthday

First, start introducing the reader to the fact that you will talk about your birthday. Indicate when you were born, that is the date and month and how old you will be turning.

2. How do you celebrate your birthday?

You can use a professional essay writing company that advises students to be clear on what comes to mind when they hear about birthdays. Different people celebrate birthdays differently. Some think of enjoyable parties, numerous gifts, getting new dresses, visiting the less fortunate, spending time with them, or visiting national parks. For the majority of the people, it’s all about partying with close friends and relatives and getting gifts.

3. The uniqueness of this particular birthday

The fact that you want to tell people about your birthday suggests that something significant and different happened on this birthday stands out. You would like to tell the reader what was outstanding and different about this birthday celebration compared to the previous ones and why you are reporting about it. These will be some of the questions the reader will ask when reading your essay. Indicate what life lessons and experiences you took away from this birthday event that you never did with the others.

4. Recap of the previous birthday activities

Talk about the last birthday in summary: The activities of the day, games, the cake, the guests and the gifts. This will help you make decisions about making this birthday better, different and memorable.

5. Plans for the birthday.

Prior preparations must be done for a day’s events to be successful. Talk about the preparations that need to be done. It involves deciding who the invitees are, the birthday party venue, the decorations for the venue, fresh flowers or artificial flowers, balloons, and lamps. Consider activities and games to be played, the shape and flavor of the cake, food for the guests, dress code, and return gifts.

6. Invitations

Please talk about the invitations written and delivered to the invitees and their responses. Often, not all people confirm their attendance due to prior commitments. The answer enables one to plan the room’s capacity to be used, the number of seats, quantity of food and refreshments, size of the cake, and the number of return gifts.

7. Birthday day events

You have to show the reader how excited you are about the day. How the day started after you woke up, what activities were carried out, mention any unique rituals you carry out, such as asking for blessings from your parents by touching their feet, which only happens on the morning of your birthday.

After breakfast, you can talk about you and your siblings decorating your venue with flowers and balloons, ensuring all the seats are well-positioned, and the cake placed at a strategic point where people can see it. Meanwhile, you can talk about your mother or caterers preparing your favorite dish in the kitchen. Having finished all this work, you prepare yourself ready for your guests.

Mention when guests started arriving at the venue and what activities were going on as you waited for the guests. These could be dancing or listening to music. Once all the guests have arrived, you can start gathering, where your parents and a few friends are allowed to share their birthday wishes and speeches. Avoid allowing everyone to talk, simply because some may take a lot of time talking, making the event dull.

i. Cake cutting

A cake-cutting session should follow the speech session. Give the reader imagery of you blowing candles and cutting the cake. Mention the flavor and color. As you cut the cake, your friends will be singing the ‘happy birthday’ song for you. Talk about you feeding the cake to your parents first as they feed you a piece too.

The rest of the people will then get their share of the cake, plus food and drinks. Portray a situation whereby the invitees’ facial expressions and body gestures show that they enjoy the day. After meals, you talk about you and your friends participating in fun activities such as dancing, passing the puzzle, and treasure hunting.

ii. Games and gifts

After the games, you talk about the gift session, whereby you receive gifts from your loved ones. It’s usually the most exciting part of the birthday. You will then give a speech to thank them for attending the function and the gifts. Let them feel that their presence has brought joy to your life.

You will provide each of them with their return gifts as an act of appreciation. After all the guests have left you, talk about unwrapping your gifts and explain how lovely they were. You can mention some of the gifts you got.

You end the day by clearing the venue to signify that the event is over. Conclude by showing how thankful you were that the day was fun and a success.


Birthdays play an essential role in everyone’s life, as it’s one day you wait upon with much enthusiasm. Birthdays enable you to spend quality time with your friends and loved ones. When writing an essay about a birthday essay, it is essential to portray it as being a unique and memorable day in your life. Make it as enjoyable as possible and capture the readers’ attention. 


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