80+ Beautiful Good Night Blessing, Quotes and Prayers


Prayers are the strong emotions we manifest for the people we love. These manifestations get more powerful if you send these to your loved ones just before they sleep. These prayers and quotes are the best way to say Goodnight to your loved ones. We have included many such good night prayer quotes and prayers that you can send to your special ones.

That special one can be anyone, your family member, your friend, or the love of your life. We assure you that when they’ll be reading these good night quotes and prayer messages they’ll smile with their heart and the bond between you two will only get stronger. These messages will represent your selfless feelings and love towards the person who’ll receive the good night messages and it’ll be enough to make your place in their heart memorable.

You can choose any suitable one below.

Good Night Blessings

1. I never knew I would find a wonderful woman like you as a wife. You have brought happiness and joy to my heart, God bless you as you close your eyes to sleep this night, goodnight my special one.

2. Though my eyes may not be there to reach you, I know this SMS will go a long way to show you my affection for the night. Good night, God bless you!

3. May the watchful care of the Lord grant you calm repose, a quiet night perils free you will have. All your dreams I commit into his care, sweet and lovely dreams you will have, all forms of nightmare will be far away from, like a baby, you will sleep, and an adult you will wake up.

4. May Jesus, who gave himself for us upon the cross to die, open to you his sacred heart, so that you will draw nearer to his heart and know him more. May you experience His unfailing love, and when you want to go astray, may He always draw you nearer, and shield your soul from sin.

5. May God’s love is a soft pillow upon which to rest your head, may it be a warm blanket covering your bed. May his peace surround you like a fragrant gentle rain, may God himself look down and take away your pain amen.

6. In replacement of today’s stress may you be boosted with more strength to conquer the stresses awaiting the next day. Have a revitalizing night’s rest.

7. Sleep is the medicine of the body and the soul, for I care for you and asked God to protect you and your lovely family as you sleep tonight, good night God bless you.

8. I never knew that one day I would be living with an angel, you are nothing short of an angel, thank you for bringing joy to my heart every day, goodnight my sweetheart, I would forever cherish you.

9. No matter how far I live from home, my goodnight prayers would always meet you there, may the Lord bestow a blessing upon your heart as you sleep tonight, good night.

10. You would rise and shine tomorrow morning again, don’t be afraid of lurking in the night, the Lord has taken care of that for you, just close your eyes and drift away in sweet sleep, goodnight my cuddles.

Good Night God Bless

11. You are the only one I dream of every blessed day and hope this dream of having you all to myself come true someday.

12. The maker of the world will give ear to your prayers, in his loving compassion he will shield you from the armor of the enemies, in his loving compassion you shall sleep and wake up. He will take care of all your plans and needs, in abundance, you shall live.

13. God of creation, I thank you for the night, thank you for the stars alight. Your blessings are many, and your mercy is great. Give us good rest as upon you we wait..

14. During sleep, a person usually migrates into the dream world. It is my prayer that all your dreams tonight will be of joy, comfort, and peace even to come into their realities.

15. O Lord in thy hand is our soul, I pray that as we retire to bed tonight, may the Lord restore our soul tomorrow morning, have a beautiful night.

16. Ever since I found you, you made me believe in true love, can’t still believe that you are mine, goodnight my angel, may the Lord guard you by his Mercy, I love you, cheer.

17. My lady is going to bed now, may God almighty bless you with a wonderful night, you would be my adorable wife, goodnight my love.

18. My wish for you is to see the stars accompany and safeguard you all through the night, while for me it is to sleep assured of your unending love. 

19. Dear heavenly Father, how we thank and praise You that You have watched over us both today and brought us home once again after our busy days, so that we may unite together in love. Good night and God bless.

20. I’m sure to dream sweetly of you tonight because your thoughts filled my heart and made me happy. Goodnight my Boo, may the Lord send His angel to guard you tonight and always.

Good night God Bless You

21. Even if I’m yet to find the accurate way to adore you my darling, I know my love for you knows no bounds. Do have a blessed night’s rest. Good night and God bless.

22. The Lord of hosts, the God most high, who quits his throne on earth to live, with faith into our heart, covers you with His precious blood. You are highly blessed. The arrow of the evil ones shall never be near you, as you sleep tonight.

23. All our good wishes can be achieved if we put our trust in the Lord. He is our father and always wants the best for us, that bonus has a good night and God bless you.

24. May the beauty and depth of the Lord’s love wrap gently around your soul tonight, removing all fear, and giving you a precious peace in which to sleep.

25. All praises to God for making you witness today as a living soul. I pray that He keeps on protecting and preserving you every day of your life. Have a wonderful night’s rest.

26. My dear friend, I pray to God to give you the best of health, happiness, and sleep. I pray for your success and glory. As you go to bed, I pray for a peaceful and soothing sleep. Good night and God bless you.

27. You have done your best today, it is that time of the night to rest your head and enjoy a refreshing sleep. I pray that this night will be peaceful for you, goodnight.

28. Tonight, be my sweet dreams, and tomorrow morning be my sunshine, you are the best husband that treats his wife best, thank God, I married night. May the angels from the realms of glory, watch over you as you sleep by night, may no harm befall you, you will wake up strong in the morning. Your entire family I commit into God’s able hand tonight, no evil shall locate them.

29. If on the day you give your hand to someone who needs it and lives according to the commandments of the Lord, then by evening you can go to rest with a clear conscience, sleep tight.

30. Precious one, may the Lord keep you safe through the night, may your burdens and cares be few and light. May the father above, cradle you in love. May he bless your sleep, and keep you in good health.

Blessing Good Night Prayer

31. May your night be peaceful as you lay down to rest and I pray that you will experience more blessings tomorrow than you did today. Good night and God bless.

32. Stars are the blessings of God that come to brighten your dreams. Pour your soul in the love of God and enjoy a comfortable and soothing sleep. Good night my friend. God bless you and good night!

33. Lord in heaven, sleep is a minor death, restore our soul back to our body tomorrow morning, bless our lives and strengthen our heart, in you we put our trust, Good night, friends.

34. The night may be chill, remember to keep your blanket by your side, but ultimately dream sweet of me, you know I would always dream of you too, good night my special heart, wishing you God’s infinite mercy.

35. O Lord our God, King of the Universe. Let the wings of sleep fall upon my eyes, and upon my eyelids. O Blessed One, let me lie down in peace, and rise in peace. Into Your hand, I entrust my spirit. Good night God bless you

36. Life is so beautiful to have a lovely wife like you, I reserve a beautiful prayer in my heart for you every night, may the lord restore your soul tomorrow morning, good night sweetheart.

37. Your love that I feel daily is bigger than what my imagination can ever bring. In this light do I wish you a wonderful night’s rest. Good night! As the darkness draws in, you are the light in my heart, As the air turns colder, you are the warmth in my soul as the stars are revealed, you renew my spirit, As the moon shines, I know I am held safe in your arms.

38. Rest well my dear from the day’s hard work, for tomorrow is yet another beautiful day. God bless you and good night. Good night God bless you.

39. As you lay to rest your head this lovely night, may the Lord restore your soul tomorrow morning. Goodnight my beloved.

40. When you lay your body down to sleep, may angels guide your head, and through the hours of darkness, keep Their watch around your bed, and in the morning may you rise rejoicing in love.

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Good Night Blessings, Quotes

41. I ask the Lord to enlighten you always and protect you from all evil, tonight you will sleep well dear friend. God bless you and good night.

42. My dear one, I pray that as you sleep tonight, our heavenly Father will keep you safe in his love and give you strength for another day. Good night and God bless.

43. After all the day’s work, may you be filled with joy from within and be blessed more abundantly for the tasks ahead, tomorrow. Have a lovely night’s rest.

44. As you go to sleep, I wish you sweet dreams and sound sleep as God showers his blessings on you. With stars glowing your dreams, I wish you good night my friend. Sleep well.

45. Dearest, as you lay your head to sleep tonight, I pray that the night refreshes your body and soul, may you be among the living of tomorrow by God’s grace, good night and God bless you.

46. May the Lord remove every sadness of your heart, may you wake up tomorrow morning feeling beautiful and refreshed, good night sweetheart, I love you.

47. You will continue to gain new graces, the heavenly manna will fall upon you, this night will be the most beautiful and brightest, the holy spirit will guide you as you sleep.

48. Before I go to sleep, I pray to the Lord to take care of you while you sleep so that tomorrow you will wake up with renewed energy. Have a quiet rest. Good night and God bless.

49. Beloved one, I send prayers for a good night’s rest, for pleasant dreams, and for a morning that breaks soft and gentle.

50. Regardless of how strenuous your day was, it is my prayer that you will be renewed in strength for tomorrow’s tasks. Rest well, dear. Good night God bless you.

Beautiful Good Night Blessings

51. Before you sleep, thank God for the beautiful day he gifted you and hope for another amazing morning when you get up. Have a peaceful sleep. Good night and sweet dreams.

52. Lord, as we prepare our hearts to sleep tonight, bless us with a glorious night and have mercy on our soul, bring us back to life refreshed and blessed tomorrow morning. Good night God bless you.

53. Dear love, thank you for all that you have been to me, I will always love you with all my heart, good night and God bless your heart, waiting to hear your sweet voice again tomorrow morning.

54. Everlasting Lord, thank you for all the good gifts you give to us. May I dwell in this goodness as I sleep, and awake tomorrow with love, faith, and hope for a new day. God bless you and good night.

55. You are the love of my heart, I can’t forget to say a lovely goodnight prayer for my bae, may God take your soul to heaven and back to the world by morning, good night and God bless you.

56. I can’t just get close nor think of any other person aside from you, my heartbeat. May this night bring you all the happiness you ever desire.

57. Father, thank you for today, for all the ways in which I have known you…For the sunrise and the birdsong for the music I’ve heard, and the things I’ve enjoyed for the meals, and for the cozy home I live in for my close family and for my special friends Most of all, thank you for being beside me through each moment.

58. The night has come, and a beautiful hour to rest your head, I pray that my Lord blesses your soul with a marvelous night, you would arise tomorrow morning looking fresh and beautiful.

59. I’ve been looking for a million ways to celebrate you. The only way I could utilize now is to send you my prayers to make your night a refreshing one. God bless you and good night.

60. Dear Lord, As the love of my life, is reading this, bless him or her, may the watch of your wondering love, together with your unending love, guide you as you sleep. You will wake up to see the morning star, and all your wishes and heart desires, the Lord will grant.

Good night And God Bless

61. Our Heavenly Father is watching us all the time and is very happy when we share in a proper manner, each day try to help someone and you will achieve a piece of heaven.

62. Jesus, we are like sheep gone astray, please guide us back and help us stay in your hands gently and strongly. As we sleep tonight, forgive our wrongs. Good night and God bless.

63. I know it is your desire that you should wind off the stress you are going through today. I pray that you will have a peaceful and revitalizing sleep to strengthen you for tomorrow. Good night God bless you.

64. The best sleep comes when you are content at heart, when you have thanked God for this love and when you have done your best Karmas. I hope you sleep well. Good night, dear friend.

65. I pray to God to bless your heart as you sleep this night, may he send you the angels of Mercy to guard you all through the night, goodnight.

66. A night without you lying by my side is like a night without the splendor of the stars and the moonlight. I beseech God to bless your night, good night my angel, I love you.

67. Dear Wonderful Father, you have granted me another day of life to be your light on this world. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy your sunshine, my family, Your Word, and Jesus today!

68. You are the one that makes me smile and happy every day, thank God I found a beautiful wife like you, may your night be full of beautiful dreams, goodnight my butterfly.

69. You could be feeling lonely without my presence, but I send you my love and God’s safeness to liven your heart all through the night.

70. In your weakness and distress, the rock of ages will be your guide, brighter rays will shine upon you, in gladness your heart will sing, in praises your soul shall proclaim, no harm shall befall you. Good night.

Beautiful Good Night Blessings

71. I was thinking about all the blessings God has given to me and inevitably I thought of you, every night I pray to guide you so that everything will go your way, you will dream of beautiful things, good night.

72. I pray that God will wash away all fear and anxiety so that sleep may enter in and that you will rest well in his faithful promises tonight. Good night and sweet dreams.

73. I pray that as you lay down to sleep tonight, may God reinforce His angels to guide you and keep you from all dangers. May your rest be so blissful. Good night.

74. End your day by offering prayers to God, thanking him for a beautiful day. As you go to sleep, I wish for a comfortable sound sleep infused with beautiful dreams for a bright future.

75. Not everyone that we started the day with is alive to see another night, first, thank God for the gift of life and the gift of this beautiful night. I wish you a blessed night, goodnight.

76. If there is something that fills my heart and I never want to forget it are the sweet memories of being in your arms every night before I sleep. I miss you so much darling, goodnight, God bless your night.

77. Lord, I am so thankful for all of the blessings You bestowed upon me today. You will live to conquer, the Lord’s goodness and mercies you shall always testify, as God’s blessings continue to unfold in your life. Good night and God bless.

78. Lord, I have passed another day and come to thank Thee for Thy care. Forgive my faults in work or play and listen to my evening prayer. Thy favor gives me daily bread and friends, who all my wants supply and safely now I rest my head, Preserved and guarded by Thine eye.

79. Life is good, life is cherished because I have you in my life, may the whisper come sweet thought in your heart as you sleep now, goodnight cutie, see your beautiful face tomorrow.

80. Only you hold the key into my heart. I will never trade your love for anything in this world. Good night and sweet dreams.

Good Night Blessings, Prayers

81. May the brightest and best suns in the morning, dawn on your darkness, and be your aid, may the stars of the East and horizon adorning, guide you as you lay to sleep.

82. A better life awaits us if we show obedience to our Heavenly Father, though if you make a mistake then you can repent and move on. He is always willing to forgive, you have sweet dreams, friend.

83. Prayers for refreshing sleep in the hands of the One who can heal all wounds, keep all promises, and turn our failures into something amazing and beautiful.

84. As you lay your head to sleep, dear, may you be shielded against the arrows that fly by night and any form of disturbances. Enjoy your night, my dear.

85. Your life is cherishing, God has a beautiful purpose for you, that’s why you are alive to see another night, I pray it to be a blessed night for you, good night God bless you.

86. Hello dear, just about to sleep now and I still can’t stop thinking of you; your sweet thoughts have been on my side all through the day. I just want to let you know before you sleep that you are so precious to me, leaving you in the care of God, goodnight my spider man.

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